What are some great tasting healthy foods?

Can chocolate really be a fat fighting food?

Iam not eating chocolate by Michael Glasgow

When you hear “healthy foods”, do you think about the foods your mom made you eat – broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, etc?  Good!  Your mom was right.  Kids least favorite foods are also some of the best to help you boost your metabolism and burn fat.  But they’re not the only ones, and the rest of the list might surprise you!  (For more on why vegetables are so good for you, click here.)

Your Mom Didn’t Know Everything

While your mom was exactly right when it came to vegetables, did she tell you that they taste even better with a little grass-fed butter and garlic?  Or that grass-fed butter can be a healthy part of a fat burning diet?  Truth About Six Pack Abs author Mike Geary will!

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Who Is Mike Geary?

Truth About Six Pack Abs author Mike Geary performs an overhead squat.


Mike Geary is the author of  Truth About Six Pack Abs, one of the most successful fitness programs ever.  It has sold over 539,000 copies in 163 countries.  But just because it’s successful doesn’t mean its good.  There are lots of products out there that sell very well that are completely ineffective, like ab belts, fat burner pills, etc.

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Why Should I Give TRUTH ABOUT ABS A Try?

When it comes to our ab workout, often our expectation doesn't match our reality

Abs by Dadavio / Fat Cat Pooped by AlicePilgrim

Put an end to the disappoint you’ve experienced with other programs!


Many people believe that to get a flat, sexy stomach they have to do countless repetitions of ab exercises and hours of cardio.  But is that really the case?  Most of us know from personal experience that doing lots of ab exercises doesn’t always lead to the results we were expecting.  Is there a better way?  Author of the international best-seller Truth About Six Pack Abs trainer Mike Geary says there is.

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