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Who is Mike Geary? | Why should I listen to his nutrition and exercise advice?

If you’ve spent any time looking online how to lose weight, get abs, or just get healthier, then you’ve probably come across the name Mike Geary.  He’s best-selling author of the popular Truth About Six Pack Abs program.  And several other diet, weight loss, and fitness programs.


What makes Mike Geary so smart?


Mike Geary is a certified nutrition and fitness expert.  When you see Expert advice from certified nutritionist and trainer Mike Gearyhis pictures, you may be surprised to find out that he’s not a professional bodybuilder, or athlete. In fact, one thing that a lot of people appreciate about Mike Geary is the fact that he is a fairly regular guy who enjoys eating and is able to put on a little weight just like the rest of us.


Mike’s programs have been purchased by over half a million readers in more than 163 countries around the world.  This makes him one of the most successful diet and fitness authors of all time.


Why don’t I see Mike Geary on TV?


With so much health and fitness info available, what makes Mike Geary special?  Even though Mike is one of the most widely published nutrition and fitness experts on the internet, he’s not a household name.  He doesn’t rely on expensive advertising or fad diets to get his information across.  He simply provides well-documented, sensible dietary information.  Results that work and advice he’s used in his own life and with his clients.

Mike Geary is a kinda a big deal!

With hundreds of thousands of people following his recommendations and achieving success, his programs should be equally helpful for you, too.


Which Program Will Work For Me?


Based on the photographs of Mike Geary, it would seem as if he spends all of his time in the gym.  But, based on the number of weight loss and muscle building materials he publishes, he obviously does a lot of research as well.


The most popular of Mike’s publications is the Truth About Six Pack Abs.  However, Mike also produces a number of other popular and fitness and weight loss guides.  They have provided many people with the knowledge and motivation to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.  Paleo Hacks is one of the most recent.


What Is Paleo Hacks?


Paleo Hacks is one of the best paleo recipe and cookbooks available.This is a paleo diet program program that shows you specific changes that you can make to your diet that will enable you to lose weight. In addition, Paleo Hacks helps you have more energy, rid your body of toxins, and even eliminate many common health problems.


The paleo diet has a reputation for being difficult to stick to.  Paleo Hacks provides you everything you need to be successful.  Paleo Hacks teaches you about food choices, menu plans, and recipes because Mike wants the paleo diet to be easy for individuals and families. The results of Paleo Hacks readers shows that this is a healthy and effective diet.  Read my review of Paleo Hacks here.


How Effective Is Truth About Abs?


Truth About Six Pack Abs is the number one best selling abs program on the internet.Truth About Abs is the number one best-selling abdominal program available online.  This program is extremely powerful for both men and women. Rather than simply providing you with abdominal exercises, Truth About Abs is focused on showing you dietary changes to naturally increase your metabolism. Burning more fat and using simple exercises, reveals those sexy abs sooner than you thought.  Read my review of The Truth About Six Pack Abs here.


Food That Reverses The Effects Of Aging


The Top 101 Foods That Fight Aging by Mike Geary and Catherine Eberling show how food can have an anti-aging effect.Recent research proves that the food we eat not only affects our weight, proper nutrition can slow the effects of aging.  The foods we eat reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling in our bodies, as well as improve the appearance of our skin, hair, and nails.

Certified Nutritionist Mike Geary wrote Foods That Fight Aging with his co-author Catherine Ebeling RN, BSN.  Together, they go through the data, break it down and make it easy to understand.  Read my review of The Top 101 Foods That Fight Aging here.


Foods That Burn Fat


Mike Geary and co-author Catherine Eberling describe how to stock your cabinets for a Fat Burning KitchenIt sounds too good to be true.  Eat food – lose weight.  Is it really possible?  Mike Geary believes it is because he has the research to back it up. In The Fat Burning Kitchen, along with his partner RN Catherine Ebeling, Mike describes the  foods that trigger your body to burn fat and increase energy.  As a result, this approach eliminates calorie counting and reduces cravings for unhealthy foods.  Read my review of the Fat Burning Kitchen here.

How Can Mike Geary Help You Get In Better Shape?


Are you getting in shape or just trying to lose some weight?  Mike Geary points you in the right direction.  Most importantly, Mike’s training relies on healthy diet and sensible exercise to create healthier bodies. No more fad diets or extreme exercise regimens.  You can have the body and life you want.

Mike Geary, author of Truth About Abs, 101 Foods That Fight Aging, Paleo Hacks, and Fat Burning Kitchen